Peter James "P. J." Rockwell (28 April 1888 - 1 May 1994) was a Watersonian centenarian who was the first man to hold the official title of oldest Watersonian man. Other men before him were never officially given the title.


P. J. was born on 28 April 1888 in Horderscrazer, Gibbon District. He was the oldest of 5 children born to Edward (1859-1916) and Mary (née Wilkins) Rockwell (1860-1951). He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. His family was quite rich; they lived in a big house in Horderscrazer.

In 1916, P. J. and his 2 brothers went to fight in World War 1. Sadly, his 2 brothers were both killed at the same time during the war. Rockwell's father Edward threw himself off the tallest building in The Waterson Islands, the King Basil & Co. building, after hearing the news, because he couldn't cope with his grief.

After the war, P. J. moved to Colosseus. He married Joan Hutchinson (1893-1956) in 1925, and had 2 sons: Derek (born 1927) and John (born 1933). Joan, who was a heavy smoker, passed away on 15 January 1956 due to lung cancer. P. J.'s son Derek passed away in 1992 following a long period of illness, but John is still living as of May 2016.

He always went by the name "P. J." rather than "Peter" during his adult life.

P. J. Rockwell was the first Watersonian centenarian verified by Watersonian gerontologist Neil Downey, on 26 March 1994. It took Downey 3 weeks to verify him after he discovered Rockwell earlier that month, given the limited documentation available at the time.

P. J. passed away on 1 May 1994, 3 days after his 106th birthday. He was the oldest man in The Waterson Islands when he died. His successor as oldest Watersonian man was John Jonathan Johnson, a fellow veteran of World War 1.